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      地点:其他国家 发布时间:2013-09-23 15:38:49
      Division of Cell Biology, Innsbruck Medical University
      Fritz-Pregl Str. 3
      Innsbruck, 6020
      ESCRT mediated cell surface remodeling during tumorigenesis
      A position for a post-doctoral research fellow is available at the Div. of Cell Biology/ Biocenter / Medical University of Innsbruck for the project "ESCRT mediated cell surface remodeling during tumorigenesis". The Endosomal Sorting Complexes Required for Transport (ESCRT) and their regulatory network are essential for the lysosomal degradation of cell surface proteins such as growth factor receptors, E-Cadherin and Integrins and hence may play a key role at different stages of oncogenesis. The goal of this project is to address if the ESCRT machinery functions as a tumor suppressor in polarized epithelial cells and how ESCRTs contribute to the regulation of cell polarity, proliferation and migration.
      This project is embedded in the SFB021 “Cell Proliferation and cell death in tumor”, a collaborative consortium of 13 research groups located at the Biocenter Innsbruck, MFPL in Vienna and MPI for Biochemistry in Munich. The position is initially funded for one year with a possible extension up to three years.
      Project-related literature:
      Teis, D., Saksena, S., Judson, B.L., and Emr, S.D. (2010). ESCRT-II coordinates the assembly of ESCRT-III filaments for cargo sorting and multivesicular body vesicle formation. EMBO J 29, 871-883.
      Teis, D., Saksena, S., and Emr, S.D. (2009). SnapShot: the ESCRT machinery. Cell 137, 182-182 e181.
      Saksena, S., Wahlman, J., Teis, D., Johnson, A.E., and Emr, S.D. (2009). Functional reconstitution of ESCRT-III assembly and disassembly. Cell 136, 97-109.
      Teis, D., Saksena, S., and Emr, S.D. (2008). Ordered assembly of the ESCRT-III complex on endosomes is required to sequester cargo during MVB formation. Dev Cell 15, 578-589.
      Successful candidates should hold a Ph.D. or M.D.-Ph.D., have received extensive training in a broad range of molecular and cell biological techniques, in particular with epithelial cell systems and RNAi technology.
      How to Apply
      Please send your application to david.teis@i-med.ac.at

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