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      地点:美国 发布时间:2013-09-24 12:07:34
      Highly motivated and creative postdoctoral candidates are sought to work at the Yang Zhang Lab, the Center for Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics (CCMB), University of Michigan Medical School. The candidates are expected to work on projects including protein structure prediction, protein-ligand docking, and protein design (more details can be found at http://zhanglab.ccmb.med.umich.edu/research). Candidates with background and interest in these areas are welcome to apply. The ability in coding computer programs using languages such as C++, fortran, or python/perl and the ability in independent article writing are necessary.
      To apply, please send your CV, a brief description of your research background and interest to Dr. Yang Zhang (Email: zhng@umich.edu).

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