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      地点:英国 发布时间:2013-09-23 15:46:17
      Applications are invited for two post-doctoral positions to model the oceanic chemical cycles of micronutrients and/or paleoproxy elements and isotopes.
      These posts are funded by the NERC UK-GEOTRACES Consortium and the Oxford Martin School, to work jointly with Prof. Gideon Henderson and Prof. David Marshall.
      Candidates should have research experience, including a PhD, in oceanography, ocean chemistry, and/or computer modelling, and an enthusiasm to use ocean models to improve understanding of ocean chemical cycles.
      The posts are for a period of two years in the first instance, and are available as from 1st July 2011.
      Further particulars including details of the application procedure are available from www.earth.ox.ac.uk/vacancies/geotraces. Applications, together with the names and addresses of three referees, should be sent to Ms Sara Tennakoon, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3AN, or by email to: sara.tennakoon@earth.ox.ac.uk.
      Please quote reference number DG/011/009 in all correspondence.
      Applications must be received by 12pm on Friday 20th May 2011.

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