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      地点:新加坡 发布时间:2013-09-24 08:37:41
      Two post-doctoral research fellow positions in the group of Prof. Özyilmaz are available at the Graphene Center at the National University of Singapore (NUS) to study spin transport in graphene. The fellows will join a recently funded multidisciplinary research effort on graphene. The fellows will explore spin transport properties of large scale CVD graphene. To date, a clear understanding of spin transport in graphene is still missing providing great opportunities for new discoveries. Our ultimate goal is to build wafer scale graphene based all spin logic devices with build-in memory. The project will be done in close collaborations with Prof. Byung Hee Hong and Prof. Jong-Hyun Ahn from SKKU, Suwon, Korea. The project will also leverage on a UHV-MBE chamber specifically designed for the growth of MgO tunnel junction fabrication on graphene for coherent spin injection. The post-docs are also expected to utilize this unique UHV-MBE system to create novel ferroelectric, superconducting and ferromagnetic interfaces with graphene. One example is on graphene based CPP spin transfer torque devices and/or combinatorial studies. The group has already extensive experience in the fabrication and characterization of graphene nanostructures. Measurement systems in the group include one 9T VTI (2K-400K) and one 16 T VTI (2K-400K) and a dilution refrigerators (10mK-400K) with a 7-2-2 T vector magnet. Information about lab and facilities can be found at the group pages. Complementary, shared facilities available at NUS, the Graphene Center and NANOCORE include state-of the art clean rooms, UHV deposition systems, atomic layer deposition, electron beam lithography, proton beam lithography, focused ion beam patterning, helium ion microscope for sub-5 nm direct graphene patterning, STM, SEM, AFM, micro-Raman, etc…
      For further details and enquires, contact Prof. Özyilmaz. Interested applicants should send their curriculum vitae with a publication list, a description of their research experience and interests together with the names of three references. We also welcome qualified candidates to conduct 4 year PhD degree research program.
      Prof. Barbaros ÖZYILMAZ,
      Department of Physics, NUS
      Office: S13-02-10
      2 Science Drive 3, Singapore 117542

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