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      地点:英国 发布时间:2013-09-23 21:30:52
      Postdoctoral Research Assistant
      Salary £29,099 – £35,788 p.a.
      Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant to work under the supervision of Dr Jason Davis and Professors. Stephen Faulkner and Paul Beer on a research project funded by the Wellcome Trust. The post is for a period 1 year in the first instance, with the possibility of extension for a further year. The project involves exploiting nanoparticle chemistry, ion pairing and biorecognition in the development of new MRI contrast media for mesenchymal stem cell tracking.
      Applicants should either already have a PhD in Chemistry or a relevant subject area, or have submitted their thesis prior to taking up the post. The post will involve working on the synthesis, characterisation and biovectoring of highly luminescent and paramagnetic nanoparticles, optical and MRI imaging. The successful candidate will have a background in nanoparticle chemistry, surface chemistry and imaging (ideally both luminescent and magnetic resonant).
      The post will be based in the Chemistry Research Laboratory, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3TA.
      To apply for this role and for further details, including a job description and selection criteria, please click on the link below:
      You will be required to upload a supporting statement and CV as part of your online application.
      The vacancy will close at midday on 17 June 2011

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