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      地点:澳大利亚 发布时间:2013-09-23 16:00:08
      Applications are invited for a post-doctoral research position to join the multi-disciplinary Molecular Machines Unit in the Cell Membrane Biology Group at the Centre for Vascular Research.
      We seek a highly motivated researcher who will build on our existing technologies (Nat Struct Mol Biol 2011, 18(3), 295-301) in single molecule fluorescence imaging to visualise the dynamics of assembly and disassembly of macromolecular complexes. Projects are available to investigate the mechanism of chaperone-driven remodelling of protein complexes or to understand the molecular interactions and conformational changes of a transcriptional regulator. Depending on the candidate’s interests the project involves aspects of technology development including microfluidic systems, automated image analysis or kinetic modelling of the single-molecule data. The successful candidate will have an active role in conceiving and implementing experimental approaches, training and supervision of research staff and students and presentation of the results in form of manuscripts, talks and potentially grant applications.
      A PhD in biochemistry, chemistry, physics or related science is required and experience in advanced fluorescence microscopy is essential. Candidates with experience in single molecule biophysics, FRET, microfluidics and automated image analysis are preferred.
      The Centre for Vascular Research is a multidisciplinary research centre and the Cell Membrane Biology Group currently has five postdoctoral researchers with different backgrounds (cell biology, physics and chemistry), ten PhD students and two research assistants. Within this group the newly established Molecular Machines Unit focuses on combining single-molecule techniques with biochemical and cell biological approaches to investigate the mechanism of molecular motors involved in signalling and in maintaining cellular homeostasis. The group has extensive expertise in single-molecule and live cell imaging, instrumentation and image analysis and access to a suite of state-of-the-art microscopes and detectors.

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