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      地点:美国 发布时间:2013-09-23 16:59:00
      Who we are
      At the Roche Group, about 80,000 people across 150 countries are pushing back the frontiers of healthcare. Working together, we've become one of the world's leading research-focused healthcare groups. A member of the Roche Group, Genentech has been at the forefront of the biotechnology industry for more than 30 years, using human genetic information to develop novel medicines for serious and life-threatening diseases. The headquarters for Roche pharmaceutical operations in the United States, Genentech has multiple therapies on the market for cancer and other serious illnesses. Please take this opportunity to learn about Genentech, where we believe that our employees are our most important asset and are dedicated to remaining a great place to work.
      The Position
      We are seeking a motivated post-doctoral fellow to work on problems associated with RNA-seq data. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in two of the following areas: statistics, computer science, biology. They should be a good communicator with an ability to write and give oral presentations. The ability to analyze large complex data sets is essential. The candidate should have a good familiarity with modern sequencing technologies and an ability to use and interpret currently available computational tools for the analysis of RNA-seq data.
      Who you are
      A PhD in computational biology, genomics, or a related field, along with proficient programming skills and first-author publications in reputable journals, is required. A good understanding of the next generation sequencing technologies and related methodology is important. Knowledge of cancer-related pathways is desirable. The successful candidate must be motivated, capable of working independently, and enjoy working in a collaborative setting.

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