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      地点:德国 发布时间:2013-09-24 07:44:12
      Applicants should send a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, copies of credentials, and a brief description of their research interests, as well as arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent on their behalf, to the following address: Hanne Litschewsky Faculty of Physics University of Bielefeld PO Box 100131 D-33501 Bielefeld Germany hanne@physik.uni-bielefeld.de  Application deadline is 1 July 2011, though later applications will be considered until the position is filled. Applications of female candidates and disabled people are particularly encouraged. For further information on the position, please contact Prof. Thomas Dahm by email at dahm@uni-tuebingen.de
      Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position (salary class TV-L E13) in the area of Condensed Matter Theory. The initial appointment will be for two years and will commence on 1 September 2011 or later. Qualified applicants, who will have obtained their PhD's in condensed matter theory by beginning of 2012, are encouraged to apply. Candidates with experience in numerical computation and superconductivity/magnetism will be given preference. Experience in GPU computing is beneficial. The candidate is expected to participate in the teaching of students four hours per week.

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