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      地点:其他国家 发布时间:2013-09-23 16:24:46
      The Department of Computer and Communication Engineering and the Research Committee of the University of Thessally (UTH) in Volos, Greece, are seeking recent PhD graduates for a post-doctoral position in the field of Digital Video Processing and Compression.
      The ideal candidate will work on location-aware video processing algorithms, which includes ongoing research in state of the art video compression, digital TV broadcasting and streaming, 3D-TV, error resilience for video codecs and optimization of video codecs for mobile devices. The ideal candidate will be offered the opportunity to: • Work within a team with both industrial and academic international experience in video coding and communication. • Collaborate with academic and industrial partners in Greece, Italy, and China, with opportunity to travel to partner locations. • Work on a research subject that best fits his/her background and future goals, within the general areas described above, with emphasis in latest iPhone, iPad and Android devices. • Have access to laboratory space and interact with researchers from other labs at the department of computer and communication engineering at UTH. Required skills: • A recent (less than 10 years after obtaining their BS degree) PhD in electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, or related field. • Substantial research experience in signal processing and compression for video signals, as evidenced by a good publication record. • Significant hands-on C/C++ programming experience on Windows, Android or iOS devices. Eligibility: • Non-Greek nationals, who have not resided in Greece more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to the appointment. • Greek nationals who have resided and held their primary activities outside EU and Associated Countries for at least 3 of the last 4 years. • UTH is an equal opportunity employer; female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply. About UTH: The University of Thessaly (UTH) is located in Volos, Greece, on the Aegean sea coastline and sitting on the foothills of Mt. Pelion. With its typical Mediterranean weather and nearby skiing, sailing and other outdoor activities, very affordable cost of living, it is an ideal and safe place to live. The department of computer and communication engineering offers BS, MS and Ph.D. degrees. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to interact with its faculty that come from a broad range of backgrounds, including software, hardware and computer networks. UTH offers a modern infrastructure and multiple research, development and educational activities. To apply, please send cover letter and CV to Dr. Katsavounidis, ioannis.k@inf.uth.gr
      Additional Job Details
      Duration: 24 months Salary: 39.000-42.000 €/year (gross income depending on family status) http://www.avid-mode.eu/

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