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      地点:其他国家 发布时间:2013-09-23 16:30:52
      Research Context: The Malaria Research Centre of the Institute of Tropical Medicine is an interdepartmental structure that aims at performing interdisciplinary research on the biology, epidemiology and control of malaria. In view of the renewed calls for elimination, new research lines will aim at characterizing the parasite-host interactions across time-space scales, and thus a better understanding of transmission dynamics and related biotic/abiotic determinants. For that purpose, we seek to recruit an epidemiologist for the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Section of Parasitology.
      Job description: - You will contribute to the development of a research program on the molecular and sero-epidemiology of malaria, in a context of decreasing transmission. - You will implement, coordinate and supervise field studies in malaria endemic countries in close collaboration with ITM's partners in these countries. - You will perform complex longitudinal data analysis to characterize host-parasite interactions in time and space, and to model the long term effect of different intervention strategies. - You will work in close collaboration with molecular biologists, entomologists and medical anthropologists to provide an in-depth insight of the changing malaria transmission patterns and its determinants. - You will train and coach master and doctoral students. - You will contribute to the different teaching curricula in epidemiology at the ITM. Profile: You have: - A Master in medicine, biology or biomedical sciences. - A PhD in epidemiology; research experience in malaria is an asset. - Background and experience in epidemiological research and statistical modelling. - Experience in molecular epidemiology and population genetics is an asset. - Team spirit, capability to manage a multidisciplinary team. - Excellent communication and writing skills in English. - Capacity to integrate in international and multi-disciplinary research groups - Strong communicative skills especially regarding scientific results.
      - A key position in an international multidisciplinary research team on malaria. - A full-time position for 3 years, with perspective for prolongation. Starting date as soon as possible. - A salary according the ITM and Flemish Universities scales, taking into account your useful experience and education. - Reimbursement of public transport costs, bicycle compensation, private pension scheme (after two years) and luncheon vouchers.
      Additional Job Details
      Interested? For more information contact Dr. Annette Erhart, acting head of the Malaria Unit in the Department of Biomedical Sciences (tel +32/3/247.63.08 or aerhart@itg.be). Please use the application form available as a download on www.itg.be/vacatures. Send the application form, together with a letter of motivation to vacatures@itg.be. Apply before July 21, 2011.

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